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Taxidermy orders will not be processed until a minimum deposit of 50% of the total invoice is received. When your trophies are finished, we shall contact you for the outstanding balance which will include the crating fee. For overseas clients we accept only Wire Transfers.

We do all your export applications as soon as we receive the PH-Register from the PH who performed the hunt with you as well as a copy of your valid hunting license. South African Nature Conservation will issue the necessary cites export permits. Certain cites animals will require a cites import permit. You need to obtain the correct information from your local wildlife conservation authority regarding the correct procedures on import cites permits. Once we have received final payment from the client, we notify a ‘shipping’ company to contact you as soon as possible. Our liability and responsibility passes to the shipping company once trophies has been handed over to them. All shipping costs are for the client’s account.

Never let someone put salt on your cape unless all meat has been removed, ears turned and lips split. If your cape can not be prepared properly for salting, it must be frozen or kept cool until it reaches the taxidermist.