Raw prep/Dip & Ship

Raw preparation is a term used for the preparation of raw hides and skulls to be shipped to the taxidermy of your choice. Skulls are rotted, boiled, bleached and dried. Hides/capes are placed in a soak mix and a pickle mix after which they are re-salted and then dried. Once all the skulls and hides/capes are dried they are crated and shipped to your desired location. Turnaround time is 4 months.

Custom-made to your preference

All capes are tanned on our premises, enabling us to monitor the capes throughout the tanning process. We have a turnaround time of roughly 10 months for shoulder mounts and lifesize mounts. Turnaround time for skull mounts is 4 months. We encourage clients to forward us special instructions should they have a specific pose in mind.

Most of our materials are imported from the USA to ensure that we utilize the best materials to create an end-product that is of the highest quality and standard.

Flat skins and back skins are couriered to the best tanneries in South Africa for processing.

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